Who We Are

Who Is Corementum?

Corementum helps clients with the Trial Master File Management and Regulatory Submissions Operations necessary to acquire agency approval for regulatory applications in the biotech and pharmaceutical organizations

Corementum is an information management company that works primarily with those in the biotech and pharmaceutical organizations. We help companies who conduct clinical trials to standardize and organize their information in a manner that is compliant with regulations set forth by the agencies. What’s more, Corementum’s team of experts have first-hand experience in collaborating with industry experts and therefore are the subject matter experts when it comes to adopting the industry’s top file management processes and programs to meet their client’s needs. Corementum assists not only with information management but with compliance, regulation, and timely approval of clinical trials by the agency. We are passionate about helping our clients receive the agency approval they need in a timely manner. Using the strategies set forth by our company can save clients the headache of having to continuously resubmit documentation for approval. We make sure it’s done right the first time.

Trust Corementum’s Team of Experts to Guide You Down the Path to Seamless Agency Approval for Your Clinical Trials

Our team of experts here at Corementum know the ins and outs of the agency regulatory application approval process. In fact, we know the process so well that we have an inside advantage when it comes to knowing exactly how to complete all of the documentation properly for submission. Why settle for working with another company when you can work with the best in the business? Corementum’s knowledgeable staff helps you become an expert in the process so you can then become an expert in the system.

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